Pump Repair & Refurbishment

Fairbanks Nijhuis Pump Services Group can restore the performance and reliability of your existing centrifugal, submersible, vertical turbine, propeller or multi-stage pump, regarless of the pump manufacturer, with lower prices and shorter delivery times. Keeping your pump running at peak efficiency helps reduce energy costs.

Pump System and Running No Matter What?

YES. In addition to downtime avoidance during the initial repair process, you'll have assurance that future downtime will be avoided as well because your pump will be repaired, rebuilt or re-engineered by the most highly skilled professionals in the industry.

Pump System Testing & Quality Assurance?

YES. The Pump Servicees Group will make the repair with...

  • A fully staffed Quality Assurance Department
  • A QA program that meets the requirements of 10CFR50 Appendix B and MIL I 45208A
    Certified pump performance testing, if desired

We Serve All Major Markets

  • For municipalities, we offer repair services on pumps for solids handling, sludge, slurry, storm water, flood control, water service, and water conservation applications.
  • We also serve the demanding requirements of the industrial and utility markets, including pulp and paper, chemical, petroleum, steel, mining, building and food industries.
  • We understand pumps from the inside out and have been building quality pumping equipment for the municipal, industrial, and utility markets for over 100 years.
  • This experience makes us the foremost experts in pump repair and service.

The Fairbanks Nijhuis Pump Services Group Offers:

  • Complete Machining Capabilities
  • Restorative metals and metalizing
  • Special coatings
  • Welding and fabrication services
  • Rebuild pumps of all sizes from 2" to 144" discharge
  • Pump testing certification
  • 1-year warranty standard and extended warranties available
  • Submersible pump repair
  • The ability to re-engineer your pump to meet changing demands

Rest Easy

Your pump will be repaired at the Fairbanks Manufacturing Facility - the most trusted and respected manufacturer in the industry!

We'll Go Anywhere To Support You

Whether we come to you or your pump is repaired in our facility, the Pump Services Group delivers the same quality and excellence that has put Fairbanks Morse at the pinnacle of the pump manufacturing industry.

  • Our comprehensive pump repair services meet the exacting demands of today's leading municipal, industrial and utility customers.
  • Our technical service personnel are responsive to your specific needs and we are available 24/7.

Full Service Support

In addition to furnishing the highest quality pump repair, we can also meet your needs for removal, installation, field supervision, start-up and/or rehabilitation.

  • We will take responsibility for the entire system, from pump to driver; coupling, shaft and controls.


Wheather we come to you or your pump is repaired in our facility, it will be rebuilt to factory approved specifications. Our staff of qualified experienced pump engineers is always available for technical consultation on your repair.

  • OEM quality is our performance standard. Being part of Fairbanks Nijhuis Pump Services Group is on a level with any original equipment manufacturer.
  • Fairbanks is ISO 9001: 2000 Certified.


Very few facilities in the U.S. have the capability to perform Certified Pump Performance tests on repaired units.

  • Our controlled lab conditions utilizing certified instruments will assure that head pressure, flow rate, horsepower and efficiency all meet specified requirements after the rebuild.
  • In applications where energy consumption is a primary consideration, certification is essential.
  • Our test floor has a 100,000 gallon pit, a full range of test drivers, as well as complete instrumentation.


A pump repair can usually be accomplished in less time than it takes to procure new parts. We will respond to emergency situations via our 24/7 emergency service.


Our broad range of capabilities ensures that complete control is maintained throughout the repair process.


Parts and labor furnished by the Pump Services Group carry a full 12-month warranty, same warranty as newly-manufactured pumps. Extended warranties are available.