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Model FBM20, FBMX20

Submersible Basin Mixer

Models FBM20 & FBMX20
Model FBMX20 is used in Hazardous Locations Class 1, Division 1, Groups C & D

Product Functions:

  • Minimizes stagnant zones in the lift station.
  • Breaks up solids that commonly float at the top of the basin which may interfere with proper operation of equipment such as float controls.
  • Reduces grease build up in the lift station.
  • Anaerobic activity during periods of low flow (schools, seasonal communities, etc.).


The basin mixer provides a customized solution to solids buildup issues in lift stations:

  • The mixer can be placed at any elevation or angle to target and eliminate specific trouble spots in an installation.
  • The mixer is not required to run only once per cycle. It can be run at any custom interval as required by the installation.


A variety of custom mixing patterns can be achieved.

  • Available in 1150 or 1750 RPM
  • Can be driven by a VFD


Many options are available for mounting in the basin:




Available Basin Mixer Control Panel

  • Permanent (pipe)
  • Rail lift-out system for ease in maintenance
    • Specifically designed for operation of basin mixer
    • Features integrated VFD controller and cycle timer.


Owner's Manual: FBM20, FBMX20 Submersible Basin Mixer
Sell Sheet: FBM20
Sell Sheet: FBMX20