The Future

We’re starting to look at the next round of pump stations, which involves permanent canal closure and pumping. Today, the corps’ philosophy is, essentially just get the water into the canals and that is the purpose of the large mega pumping station like the GIWW.

There will be three other pump stations to complete that project.  In the future, when they have a category five storm, instead of trying to maintain all the canals that circumspect the entire New Orleans metropolitan area, local municipalities just pump their storm water into the canals and the corps will keep those levels down to acceptable levels so there is no pressure on the canals.

This change in the flood control structures in New Orleans will keep the drainage canals that exist down to a certain level so there is no pressure on the dykes. Local municipalities will be responsible for getting the water into those canals so that they can be, essentially, emptied through the pumping stations like the West Closure Complex.


Protecting New Orleans from Flooding

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