Concurrent Engineering

Given the need to meet aggressive project deadlines without fail, it was necessary to set up a concurrent team that would manage multiple vendors in the manufacturing process, while at the same time, dovetail those efforts with sound engineering practices. The pump station is not 100% finished from a design standpoint. So we’re managing that as well. Continually, we assess components that we need to release first for long lead items so we can get them designed and fabricated. In the meantime we’re working on proposal submittals. All of the patterns and everything for the project had to be manufactured from scratch, involving vendors around the country.

 DO-N7 Rating

The West Closure Complex work comes with a DO-N7 Rating. This rating is part of the Defense Priorities and Allocations System (DPAS). A DO-N7 rating applies to critical infrastructure protection and restoration. A DO-N7 requires congressional approval. With this rating – and the priority that the pump station be online by June of 2011 -- it was necessary to ensure that all vendors selected to work on the project agreed to (by law, with acceptance of any contractual agreements) to commit to doing whatever it takes to make forward progress.

Accelerated Schedule

In the middle of the project we were asked to accelerate the schedule. Fairbanks worked with its vendors to establish a new schedule in order to accommodate contractor needs. However, even though the schedule was accelerated, our end date never changed: To have flood control by June 2011.