Pentair's Pump Services Group Rehabilitates the Milk River Pumping Station for Another 50 Years of Service Life

November 19, 2018

In the early 1960’s Fairbanks Morse supplied the CSO RTB (Combined Sewer Overflow Retention Treatment Basin) serving Macomb and Wayne Counties in Michigan with 7 storm water pumps capable of pumping up to 862,000 GPM. The equipment was part of a drainage project that dated back to 1885.

The storm water pumps are used to reduce the hydraulic grade (pressure/level) within the sewer system. When needed, the pumps feed into the RTB for storage for possible treatment.

City System Requires Extensive Pump Rehabilitation

Today, the Milk River Pumping Station operates all 7 pumps during storm water events for the City of Grosse Pointe. There are four (4) 60-inch pumps, each having the capacity of 123,500 GPM, driven with 1,500 HP electric motors and three (3) 72-inch pumps rated at 184,000 GPM and driven by 1,750 HP motors.

In 2016 extensive work began to improve the Milk River Intercounty Drainage District. This project has a scheduled completion date of 2021, with work including basin and piping improvements, and improvements to the intake, force main and facility, as well as pump reconditioning.

Fairbanks NIjhuis (formerly Fairbanks Morse), the original manufacturer (OEM) of the pumping equipment, was selected to remove, refurbish, reinstall and recommission the storm water pumps.

Equipment Updates Extend Product Life

As the OEM, Fairbanks Nijhuis has the ability to replace many of the worn components with the original designed materials of construction along with the proper dimensions and tolerances as designed. During the repair process, Fairbanks Nijhuis included many product enhancements and improvements to allow the equipment to operate successfully for another 50+ years of service.

Two of the seven pumps have been totally refurbished, reinstalled and tested with the city receiving beneficial use without any operational performance issues. Since the city needs to keep portions of the system operational at all times, the schedule allows for only one pump to be out of service at a time. The Fairbanks Nijhuis Pump Services Group has removed the third pump and motor. The equipment is currently in Kansas City in the refurbishment stage, with the remaining 4 pumps to follow.

Inspection and documentation of existing installation conditions prior to each pump and motor removal, and recording vibration readings prior to each pump removal.

Fairbanks Nijhuis rehabilitation work entails providing:

• Assistance with the disconnection, removal and loading of the pumps and motors for shipment to the Fairbanks Nijhuis repair facility in Kansas City, Kansas.

• Oversight as each pump is completely torn down and cleaned with each component inspected. Measurements are taken and compared to original dimensions and tolerances.

• Report development detailing each component’s “as found condition” along with recommendations for replacement, repair, or rework to allow the city to make an informed decision for each pump repair.

• Shipment of each electric motor to a repair facility for inspection, complete rewind and test performed before being returned to the Grosse Pointe facility for reinstallation.

• Supervision of the reinstallation and alignment of the refurbished pumps and coordination of the required electrical and mechanical connections.

• Initial testing assistance for each pump after reinstallation, including post-installation vibration measurements.

• Coordination and testing assistance for all controls, connections and auxiliary systems which report back and are controlled by the plant SCADA system.

Following rehab the 60-inch pump is expected to last another 50 years

“We have been very pleased with Pentair’s management, engineering and sales personnel, technicians, and staff for the duration of this project. We toured their facility in Kansas City and were thoroughly impressed with the complexity and size of the facility and the projects currently in process. Pentair’s on-site technicians and engineers have been instrumental to the success of the project thus far, they are knowledgeable, experienced and competent for the task at hand.”
– Jerry Schmidt, J.F. Cavanaugh Company